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Your Makeup Remover Wipes Could be Ruining your Skin

Posted by Pranjali Galgali on
Make Up Remover

We've all had that late night rendezvous, after which we dread the thought of having to remove our makeup, before hopping into our warm beckoning bed. Proper makeup removal takes time and effort, so most women simply grab a pre-moistened towelette, quickly wipe off the makeup, and dive into bed. Unfortunately, the easiest and most efficient way to remove makeup could be wreaking havoc on your skin.

When using makeup remover wipes, a lot of residue is still left on the face. Most women feel that since they can no longer see the makeup, all of it has been removed. However, a large amount is still left in the pores, which clogs them and leads to breakouts and dull skin. To adequately remove all makeup, it's important to rinse the face, after using a wipe, with a facial wash. The extra rubbing motion gives a deeper clean to remove makeup from small crevices.

Makeup wipes contain the same active ingredients as facial washes. Unlike facial cleansers, however, the residue from the makeup remover is left on the skin, instead of rinsed off. This exposes the skin to large doses of of solubilizers, surfactants, and emulsifiers. Furthermore, since makeup wipes are pre-moistened and left on shelves for extended periods, they contain preservatives which may be carcinogenic (directly linked to causing cancer). Wipes also contain alcohol which is drying and can act as an irritant on the skin's surface.

Finally, the aggressive motion of tugging at the skin with the cloth can lead to wrinkles and sagging skin, especially in regard to facial features like the lower eyelid, which is extremely sensitive. This wiping motion is much rougher than water and can aggravate the skin.

Makeup removal wipes are a lazy girl's best friend and have revolutionized the skincare world. However, the various chemicals that are added as well as the act of using the wipes, have led many to report cases of stinging, burning or redness after use. When it comes to removing makeup, it pays to do it the old fashioned way- rinse and repeat.

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