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Rid The Excess Baggage: What Causes Under Eye Bags?

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The not-so-subtle bags that form under the eyes, often accompanied by deep set, dark circles, can leave individuals feeling self conscious as it can add years on to your appearance and have you looking run down. Although some believe allergies or age are the only reasons for under eye darkness, causes can range far beyond that and may even be an indication of a deeply rooted issue.

What Are Under Eye Bags?

The key factor in under eye darkness and bags is known as fluid retention which is the excessive storage of water. This fluid later settles into the tissue which is used to keep the skin tight and firm, causing the skin to sag and appear puffy. Blood vessels may appear more prominently as the skin under the eyes tend to thin and lose elasticity. The fat supporting the eyes can later shift, causing the lower lids to appear swollen.

What Causes Under Eye Bags?

Rid The Excess Baggage: What Causes Under Eye Bags?Before one can rid themselves of dark circles under the eyes, it’s important to explore the possibilities of what caused them to form in the first place. Some believe that we develop under eye bags as a result of the natural aging process while others believe that seasonal allergies play a large role in their appearance. While this may be the root cause for some, there are a handful of alternative issues that tend get overlooked, commonly causing people to misdiagnose their case. Pinpointing what causes bags under the eyes plays an important role in trying to improve the dark circles that appear. In addition to allergy and age, there are a majority of possibilities that can contribute to the formation of unsightly undereye bags.

Sleep Pattern

Lack of sleep or a poor sleep schedule can cause dark under eye circles to form. This is due to the bodies inability to flush out fluid, causing it to settle and collect in the tissue located underneath the eyes.This is why we wake up with a dark hue underneath the eyes, as the blood vessels dilate and appear more visible through thin, delicate skin. On the contrary, too much of anything is a bad thing. If we receive too much sleep, we may wake up appearing puffy and swollen due to water retention. The recommended amount of sleep needed is anywhere between 8-10 hours, nothing more and nothing less.

Poor Skincare Regimen

Although it’s extremely important to have a skincare regimen, you must keep in mind that certain products may be harmful for the thin, delicate skin found under the eyes. Skin Care products that are made to improve the feel and look of your complexion could be irritating to the delicate eye area, later causing irritation. How we most commonly relieve irritation is by rubbing and scratching, which further causes more damage and inflammation. While we make sure to wash behind our ears and between our toes, we can be a bit careless when it comes to the under eye area when in the shower. Products like shampoo, conditioner and cleanser can build in the folds of the under eyes, causing further irritation. Similarly, eye liner, eye shadow and mascara can irritate our lower lids as these products, along with makeup removers, contain preservatives and fragrances.


Although smoking comes with a laundry list of health concerns to begin with, it can lead to early signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to this, the harmful fumes that are found in tobacco can be damaging as they can break down collagen production and kill off healthy cells. Along with the natural aging process and seasonal allergies, under eye bags are a part of life, no matter the cause. However, there are steps we can take to ensure that we are cautious in preventing bags and dark circles under the eyes from forming. At BeautyFix, we offer facial fillers for both preventative and restorative treatments. The procedures are quick and easy with no need for incisions, surgery or downtime. Using derma fillers, we can restore volume, giving you much needed support, leaving you with a young, refreshed, well rested appearance.

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