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These Bags Aren’t Designer: 11 Tips To Reduce Under Eye Bags

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Rid Excess Under Eye Baggage
puffiness under eyes When it comes to under eye bags and dark circles, there could be some underlying health concerns causing the issue. Whether it be allergies, hereditary, age or blood vessels, here are some solutions that may help reduce under eye bags.

Control Your Salt Intake

If you tend to have a dinner heavy in salt, you may recall waking up feeling puffy bloated. This is because water always finds its way to areas of the body that are both low and high in sodium, causing water retention. Pay attention to your salt intake and you may notice a drastic change.

Manage Your Allergies

Dark, puffy under eyes can be a direct effect of seasonal allergies, leaving you with watery, puffy eyes. Over-the-counter medications can help dry up puffy, watery eyes while soothing some of the other symptoms you may suffer from.

Switch Sleeping Position

If you’re a side or stomach sleeper, try changing your positioning to lay on your back and prop an extra pillow under your head. If we sleep on our side or stomach, gravity takes over and causes fluid to collect under the eyes.

Remove Your Make-Up Before Bed

First things first, washing your face at the end of the day should be a priority in your nighttime ritual. Not only to maintain clean, fresk skin, sleeping with product on can irritate the eyes, causing them to water. Save yourself the trouble of a puffy morning and wash your face before calling it a night.

Go Easy On The Alcohol

There is no problem with a glass of wine to wind down after a long day but too much alcohol can pull moisture out of the skin. The delicate area under the eye can then weaken, causing the skin into an unsightly pouch.

Kick Your Smoking Habit

This is a no judgement zone and while smoking is harmful to your overall health, cigarettes can dry up and weaken the skin, resulting in wrinkled, droopy under eyes.

Chill Out With A Cool Down

We’ve all seen visions of a spa day with the signature cucumber eye cover, but don’t limit yourself! Cold compresses can be found in a variety of fruits veggies or household items, like chilled spoons or potato slices. No produce lying around? Soak cotton rounds in some cold milk and apply to eyes. Purchasing a cooling sleep mask will make all the difference. No mess, no cutting, just cool and apply.

Conceal & Correct

A little makeup goes a long way! Dab a little bit of concealer either onto the shadows of the undereye or in an upside down triangle for more coverage. Not quite bright enough? Try color correction. Salmon, red and peach tones under your concealer can help cancel out any darkness that you may have.

Up Your Water Intake

We know, it seems counterintuitive to add more water into our body while we’re retaining moisture but keeping yourself hydrated is one of the major keys in reducing puffiness under the eyes.

Apply Sunscreen

Not just to your face and body but to the under eye skin as well. Neglecting this delicate are can result in loose, saggy skin.

Under Eye Filler

If your under eye bags are too resilient to these at-home remedies, there is no shame in talking to your aesthetician or local injector about under eye filler. This will help lift and plump the skin to ultimately remove bags under the eyes, leaving you to appear hydrated and well rested.

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