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Look like yourself again! How simple Liquid Facelift can turn back the clock with incredible results

Injectable dermal fillers may be an option for patients looking to restore a youthful look to their face without undergoing surgery. These products have been referred to within the skin...

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MicroPen: Celebrities Newest Game Changing Skin Treatment

This new micro-needling device is gaining popularity in Hollywood and patients reportedly notice an immediate “glow” to their skin. Changes to the skin develop over the course of several days...

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Find out Why Botox Isn’t As expensive or as scary as you may think

Collagen, the protein that helps skin remain its elasticity, is crucial for maintaining youthful, glowing features. However, skin loses its tone with age as collagen wears down, resulting in those...

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Your Makeup Remover Wipes Could be Ruining your Skin

We've all had that late night rendezvous, after which we dread the thought of having to remove our makeup, before hoppinhg into our warm beckoning bed. Proper makeup removal takes...

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