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The Steady Rise of Brotox

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Who said cosmetic enhancement and restoring youth are only for the ladies? Let’s be frank; men aren’t immune to aging and all the tell-tale signs that come along with it. The inevitable is bound to happen which is why more men are exploring the realm of non-invasive treatments such as Botox, also known as “Brotox”. BrotoxIn 2008, The American Society of Plastic Surgery reported that Botox ranked number one in the Top 5 Minimally-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures For Men. Joining that list was Laser Hair Removal, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peel and Laser Skin Resurfacing. Since then, these numbers have only increased with time along with the widespread acceptance of men and their involvement in the cosmetic world. Later, in 2015, the ASPS reported that they saw a significant increase of 337% since the year 2000 of men undergoing Botox treatment. According to Stephen Baker MD, Washington Based ASPS Member, people tend to think that only “celebrities and high profile men undergo cosmetic surgery”, however, many patients coming in are your “average guy who wants to look as good as he feels”. Brotox for men has helped shed light on the inclusivity of cosmetic procedures to help reverse the signs of aging and have urged more men to interest in their appearance.

What Is Brotox?

Brotox is just a play on words, taking into consideration the lackadaisical slang of “bro” which is commonly used to refer to male friends and cultural cues of the like. Combining the two words, bro and Botox, has helped start a new trend and widespread acceptance of Botox injections for men in addition to the multiple cosmetic procedures available. Not only has this shed light on the men that undergo cosmetic enhancement but has helped others step out of their comfort zone and gender norms and use Botox to their advantage.

How Can Men Benefit from Botox?

Just like women, men have their own reasons as to why they want to improve their outward appearance other than matching how good they feel on the inside. Many believe that Botox for men helps their role in their current work position or future career endeavors. Forbes Magazine reported that there is a direct link between career success and physical appearance in an ever changing, competitive workforce. Not only can improving your appearance help you gain confidence in your professional persona but your personal life as well. Reversing the signs of aging can have an amazing effect on your overall quality of life and self-esteem. This goes hand in hand with what Dr.Baker was sharing, in the fact that men who feel good also want to look good; they want their physical appearance to represent how good they feel on the inside. Another factor that contributes to this growing participation of men comes from social media and the online dating world. Many men, specifically between the ages of 35-65 are amongst the population of those seeking out cosmetic enhancements to help make them more attractive and appealing on the internet by updating their dating profile picture in hopes of finding some companionship. There is also an increase of couples encouraging each other to undergo the treatments together. This basis alone helps make the significant other feel much more comfortable with not only the thought of the process but the procedure itself. Some individuals may be apprehensive about Botox and cosmetic enhancement in its’ entirety but having that reassurance from someone that genuinely has your best interest at heart helps the overall experience run a lot smoother. All individuals have their own reasoning behind why they’d like to pursue a more youthful appearance. Whether it be personal or professional, it’s important to know that options are available and that an open mind can lead to several open doors in terms of your overall quality of life in all aspects. If you’re someone who is looking to achieve a more youthful appearance, boost your self-confidence and upgrade your professional image, than Botox may be the right option for you. To learn more about Botox and if it is the right option for you, visit or call 212-366-4787 to schedule your free consultation in our New York location today!

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