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Overkill Filler: How Much Is Too Much?

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Overkill Filler: How Much Is Too Much What once was a secret to the stars has now become mainstream, as the demand for facial fillers and unrealistic beauty expectations become more widely popular thanks to social media trends and beauty influencers. We’ve seen a growing number of patients from all walks of life running to their local beauty experts to treat any and every issue, and rightfully so. It’s no secret that fillers can help make a huge difference in one's overall appearance. One of the driving factors behind its growing popularity is that some can achieve drastic results without the worry and stress of invasive surgery. The liquid facelift is among some of the most widely requested services, next to lip fillers. With stress free, affordable treatments, it’s understandable that some want to take full advantage of its capabilities, but we’ve all heard the term, “too much of anything is never a good thing”, and that’s where fillers can work against you. The term “pillow face” has been used to describe the overfilled, puffy look. This happens when too much filler is added into parts of the face in hopes to “lift” or correct loose, sagging skin. The problem with this is that as the skin ages, it loses elasticity and the ability to bounce back once the filler has dissolved. This resorts in empty space under the skin that will require more filler with time. It’s also important to remember that the more a patient receives filler, the more the underlying tissue stretches. This is why many patients attempt to constantly lift and fill the skin, resulting in the overstuffed appearance. Additionally, the lack of facial volume can cause filler to move and gravitate towards the lower portion of the face, ultimately weighing it down. In other instances, overdone cheek filler can throw off the balance of the face, causing the chin and jawline to appear smaller than what it is. In this case, fillers don’t work in your favor and defeat the purpose of minor corrections. The same can be said for lip fillers. The duck face has taken on a definition far beyond puckering up for a selfie and has now become widely referenced to overfilled lips. There is nothing wrong with a sexy, plump pout, but too much filler can cause your lips to look constantly puckered out and overdone. In some instances, too much filler can lift the lip skin, exposing the inner lip in an outturned fashion. With time, as the filler dissolves, the lips could appear uneven and misshapen, an issue that filler won’t be able to correct. It’s important to keep in mind that fillers are not ideal for everyone. They work wonders for some when used moderately and appropriately, however, having realistic expectations is key. Additionally, being well aware of the fillers that are available is extremely important when it comes to examining your own problem areas. Some products may work better for others which is why it is imperative to visit a knowledgeable injector that utilizes a safe and effective technique. With that being said, fillers are definitely a great way to combat the signs of aging when done moderately and correctly. Fillers do not stop the aging process but it can slow down the visible effects on the skin that can age you. Natural results are key and the safest way to go.

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