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A Must Have: IMAGE Skin Care Product Line

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image skin care line Well known throughout the industry, the IMAGE Skin Care line is one of the most highly recommended and skin care brand among professionals. IMAGE Skin Care is among some of the most innovative brands today with clinical results to backup their claims. All products are made with intention, following their motto to “Age Later”. These multifunctional products are jam packed with the highest levels of active ingredients, delivering superior effectiveness and real results. The winning factor above all is IMAGE Skin Care’s multinational, multicultural approach to delivering overall total skin health and rejuvenation. The true beauty behind the Image Skin Care Product Line is that there is a collection suited for everyone. Whether you’re dealing with rough, dry skin or are tired of looking at your dull skin, there is a formulation for every need. You can shop by product, skin concern or collection. The IMAGE Skin Care collections include:

The Ageless Collection

Defy Time | Rejuvenate | Age Later
  • works to combat fine lines and wrinkles, helping to restore youth and vitality back into the skin

Vital C Collection

Hydrate | Nourish | Revitalize
  • this best seller is specially formulated for dry, sensitive, redness-prone skin


Restore & Maintain Balance
  • loaded with potent natural botanicals, delivering healthy skin you can see and feel

Clear Cell Collection

Heal | Clarify | Restore
  • the perfect formulation for to treat oily and acne prone skin

The Max Collection

Correction | Prevention | Nutrition
  • offering skin rejuvenation benefits using next generation technology

Iluma Collection

Brighten | Lighten | Restore
  • an intense formulation used to diminish dark spots and correct skin pigmentation

Prevention +

Protect | Prevent | Hydrate
  • offers award winning, broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection to hydrate and protect the skin

Body Spa

Firm | Exfoliate | Radiate
  • a special formulation that works to protect and nourish the skin while targeting specific problem areas
IMAGE Skin Care Stem Cell Cream is among some of their most popular products. With raving reviews, this tiny bottle packs a powerful punch, delivering high concentrations of peptides that work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles while supporting collagen remodeling and a plant-based tightening complex that visibly smooths the skin. Among their most popular items, Image Skin Care Line reviews are outstanding with 5 stars across the board. Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum

My number 1

I've been using this serum for about 2 years now. My friends started complimenting my skin within that first week, saying my skin looked amazing. Recently my husband has started using it, and it's the ONE thing I don't have to harass him to put on! I love it. He loves it. I love that he loves it. By the way, 4 of my friends ended up buying it too! -Amanda Prevention+ Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturizer SPF 50

Best moisturizer!

I’ve been using this moisturizer religiously! Going on two years! It was recommended to me by my esthetician because I spent my working days in the sun. I’m in the military so I can’t avoid being outside lol. This has saved my skin, especially after having melasma. Keeps my face moisturized and protected. I highly recommend it! -Magda G ORMEDIC Balancing Facial Cleanser

Gentle cleanser

I love this cleanser for being gentle but effective. I use this day and night, and follow with exfoliation a few times a week. It definitely has helped soothe some redness. I was using too harsh of an AHA cleanser daily, which was irritating my skin. This keeps things nice and balanced. I also use the Vitamin C serum and the peptide cream moisturizer at night and the SPF moisturizer during the day. Thanks Image! -Annie S But the benefits don’t stop there. IMAGE Skin Care created the Care For Skin Foundation, a non-profit organization offering support to individuals who have suffered from skin loss due to tumors, accidents, burns, scars or genetic abnormalities. Their number one mission is to restore facial and body appearance to those that cannot afford it. With IMAGE Skin Care, you’re not just getting empty hopes in a bottle, but effective, tried and true formulations to suit any of your skin care needs, whatever they may be.

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