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Skin Diaries: How To Get Clean Healthy Skin and Maintain It

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healthy faceThroughout our lives, we find ourselves making commitments to services that are more of a luxury than a necessity. Appointments for our hair and nails have become routine, but what about clear, healthy skin? Let’s face it, clear healthy skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment. As we age, our skin begins to lose its laxity and can appear dull if we aren't properly caring for it. Clogged pores, fine lines, and tired-looking skin are just a few telltale signs of neglect. Of course, we should all have a daily and nightly skincare regimen to maintain our skin health, but what about a deep clean?

How To Get Clean Clean Healthy Skin

A professional-grade facial is the perfect power wash for your face, as we offer multiple options for a wide variety of skin issues. Whether you want to receive a deep clean or achieve a radiant, healthy appearance, routine facials can deliver clear, youthful skin in a relaxing, tranquil environment. While facials are considered a luxury, we aim to change the conversation. The skin you want years from now relies heavily on how you treat your skin today. It's not just about "treating yourself" (which we will ALWAYS be an advocate for), but more about giving your skin the TLC it not only deserves but needs.

Why are routine facials so important?

Education: With a professional-grade facial, you aren't only benefitting from a good deep clean, but the knowledge that your esthetician is sharing with you. It's an opportunity for you to understand your skin better, to know what your skin needs and what to avoid. Consider it free skin counseling! Each treatment is customized to your skin health as is the information that your esthetician shares with you. While some believe that licensed professionals are trying to "push products," there is a guarantee that there is truth behind their recommendations. Great skincare does not come cheap; it is an investment that will save you money in the long term. Deep Clean: Professional grade facials are the perfect way to clean the deep corners of your pores while removing dead skin and product build that lingers long after we wash and exfoliate. The truth of the matter is, no at-home treatment can deliver the benefits of an actual facial and should be performed by a trained professional. By removing dirt, oils dead skin, and vellus hairs, we are creating a smoother, more absorbant surface for products to penetrate. This improved absorption allows products to reach deep within the skin for better performance. Additionally, it can help combat discoloration, help the skin retain moisture, and even out skin tone. Decreased Risk Of Damage and Scarring: We know it's hard to keep ourselves from popping pimples and clearing blackheads, but being a self popper can cause more harm than good like scarring. We understand temptation kicks in with one glance in a magnifying mirror but take our advice: leave it to the professionals, you'll thank us later.

How to maintain healthy, clean skin?

Of course, professional-grade services can add up, and we understand that it may not always be possible or fit into your budget each month. However, there are steps you can take between appointments to maintain results and to ensure you aren't damaging what you've already improved. Clean Your Makeup Brushes: If you're applying makeup at least five days a week, think about all the dirt and bacteria that can be lingering on your brushes and products. Face brushes such as foundation and concealer brushes should be cleaned once a week to prevent buildup and avoid transferring bacteria that causes breakouts. For eye brushes, they should be washed at least twice a month to avoid transferring bacteria to the eye region. Pay Attention To Products: It's important to know what your skin needs in relation to the products you're applying. It's quite common that people don't understand their skin and are using products they think will work but are actually causing more harm than good. Paying attention to the ingredients in products is imperative to make sure you aren't applying questions ingredients that could damage the skin. It's also important to keep in mind that the skin needs time to absorb and build up products before noticing their benefits. Many people get discouraged and switch products like clockwork without letting the initial one do its job. Be patients! Limit Sun Exposure: Throughout our busy lives, our skin is not only exposed to free radicals and pollution in the air but harmful UV rays. While Vitamin D and sunlight is beneficial in moderation, many neglect to protect their skin while doing so. Over-exposure to harmful rays could lead to sunspots, wrinkles, leathery skin, and possible skin cancer. Always remember to cover up and wear SPF all year round, even in the colder months.

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