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Fresh Faced: The Benefits of Facials

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Without even realizing, we actively treat ourselves to routine maintenance whether it be getting our hair cut, going to the dentist or having our nails done. Why not extend self-care beyond fase wash and reap all the benefits of facials?The benefits of getting a facial go far beyond a deep, clean feeling and spills over into health and wellness, offering extreme relaxation and much needed “me” time.

Why Get a Facial?

benefits of facialsSeasonal Savior Throughout the course of our lives, we can’t help but expose our skin to harsh conditions all year round. Our skins condition has much to do with the environment around us and changes with the weather. Harsh climates, high levels of humidity and constant fluctuating temperatures can have harsh effects on our skin if not properly maintained. Routine facials will not only help prep your skin for sun or climate exposure, it will help give you a clean, healthy glow. Understanding Your Skin Seeking skin care treatments and advice go hand in hand when going in for a facial. First, your facialist will analyze your current skin condition. From this, they will learn what your skin needs to not only bring it to a healthier state but will teach you how to maintain healthy skin on your own. Additionally, consulting with your specialist about your daily/nightly skin care regimen will help ensure that you are using the right products for your skin type. Clean And Clear Treating yourself to routine facials helps give your face a mini powerwash, penetrating deep within the skin to unclog dirt trapped deep in your pores. Your specialist will utilize products, treatments and techniques tailored to your specific skin needs, a clean fresh feeling that you can’t get at home. Slow Down The Aging Process As much as we hate to admit it, our skin ages with us each day. An added perk to routine facials are the anti-aging benefits that they offer. Boosted collagen production, cell turnover and mainted skin balance can all help slow down the aging clock, keeping our skin young, fresh and healthy. Prevent Future Problems Not only do facials help the current state of your skin but also contribute to the future condition of your skin. GIving your skin a good, deep clean will help ensure that your skin is free of dirt and oils that were once trapped in the pores. Additionally, your facialist will treat your skin to help protect and prevent further damage caused by free radicals, sun exposure, etc. Well Deserved R & R Rest and relaxation is not only important but necessary for our overall well being. Whether it be our mental or physical health in any form, taking the time for yourself to unwind is key to a healthy lifestyle. Routine facials, in a sense, “force” you into relaxation. When you go into your appointments, you are expected to lay their at the hands of a professional and let go of all of your day to day stressors. Allow yourself and your skin some well needed TLC. *Bonus: Most, if not all, facials come with a complimentary massage of the face, scalp and decolletage which all contribute to lymphatic drainage. Not only does this help you sink into a deeper relaxation state but it also helps release your body of toxins and reduces fluid retention. Universal Benefits When people here the word “facial” they tend to think that they’re only for women but this cannot be further from the truth. No matter what gender, skin color, skin type, there is a facial out there for you. The long-term stigma is now over, men and women alike can indulge in self-care without the added bias. There are still some common misconceptions when it comes to skin care, many ask “are facials good for your skin?” The answer is yes, when done correctly. Anywhere you look on the internet, you will see dozens of DIY home facials that could possibly cause more harm than good. Over exfoliation or using the wrong products can be problematic which is where this misconception stemmed from. When visiting a facialist, they are trained to know what products and treatments will work best for you skin. It is so important to consult with a professional before leaving your treatment to ensure you are knowledgeable of aftercare regimen. Before you ask yourself, “why get a facial?” remind yourself that there are benefits beyond a “deep clean” and that they go hand in hand with much needed self-care.

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