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7 Natural-Looking (or Surprising) Celebrities Who Use Botox

Posted by Pranjali Galgali on
7 Natural-Looking (or Surprising) Celebrities Who Use Botox

The public’s attitude towards plastic surgery has undergone significant changes over the last couple decades. In the past, plastic surgery was something you got behind closed doors and tried to keep out of the press.

But in the social media age not only has it become more acceptable, it’s also more widely available than ever before. Most celebrities over a certain age admit to having tried Botox and other procedures in an effort to hold onto their fading youth.

But recent advances in beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery means enhanced celebs are no longer easy to spot, as this list proves.

1. Kim Kardashian

As a reality TV star and social media superstar Kim Kardashian no doubt feels pressured into looking her best at all times. It’s a side-effect of superstardom, but the businesswoman and socialite is one of the country’s top beauties and is more than well-equipped to deal with the pressure.

Kim Kardashian hasn’t admitted to frequent use of Botox, but she did use it in the past when filming an episode of her Keeping up with the Kardashians TV show. She was only 30-years old at the time and admits that she probably didn’t need it, but it was an experience that gave many aspiring Botox users a first-hand account of the process and helped them to make up their own minds.

During the episode Kim Kardashian was joined by her elder sister, Khloe, who played the “supportive” role―or more accurately, sat in the corner and complained.

2. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is one of the most celebrated actresses of all time and has been appearing on our screens since she was 16. A true natural beauty, she has aged gracefully and the fifty-one year old Aussie looks as gorgeous as ever.

Speculation about her use of Botox followed her around for years before she finally admitted to it, and these days she’s fairly open about her former love of the wrinkle-removing serum. She claims not to use it anymore though and seems to be taking the enhancement-free approach. Botox or not, Kidman was, and always will be, one of Tinseltown’s biggest and most beautiful stars.

3. Jenny McCarthy

A true blonde bombshell, Jenny McCarthy is a timeless beauty who hasn’t aged a day in over a decade. But the actress and model hasn’t discovered the fountain of youth; she just really likes Botox and admits to getting injections several times a year. She admitted this several years ago and by our estimation, she could have been having Botox injections for over a decade, if not a lot longer.

There are also rumors that she has had multiple procedures done, but whatever she’s done, it’s clearly working for her. Jenny is currently 46 years old at the time of writing and she looks just as radiant as she did in her late thirties.

4. Courteney Cox

The star of Friends and Cougartown has a wrinkle-free face that she owes to Botox. She has been very outspoken of her love of this compound in the past and has been using it for a number of years. She faced some criticism over the years for using fillers, but these days she has let those fillers dissolve and looks as good as ever.

5. Tom Cruise

Female celebrities are more synonymous with Botox injections and plastic surgery rumors, but they work just as well for men and countless superstar actors are beginning to realize this for themselves.

Tom Cruise is one such actor, with some experts estimating that he has been using Botox since before he turned 50. That would certainly explain why the 56-year old doesn’t seem to have aged in a couple decades, but it doesn’t explain why he’s still as vibrant, energetic and lovable as he’s always been.

Whatever he’s on, we definitely need some of it.

6. Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth has taken a subtle approach to Botox. Using small amounts of Botox injections, she has managed to find the perfect middle ground, removing deep wrinkles and restoring some of that youthful glow that looks 100% natural.

7. John Mayer

The American singer-songwriter, like Tom Cruise, is a big fan of Botox injections, but not for the same reasons. In 2012 Mayer was diagnosed with a granuloma, which causes chronic inflammation of the vocal chords. His career was teetering on the edge at this point as he ran the risk of losing his voice, but with the help of a throat expert and a good dose of Botox, he was able to turn a corner.

Botox is great for removing wrinkles and restoring youthful looks, but there are many more benefits to this potent compound. In Mayer’s case it was used to completely paralyze his vocal chords and after resting them for several months (during which he couldn’t talk, let alone sing) they had fully recovered and he was able to get back on stage.

Since his miraculous recovery Mayer has spoken out several times in support of Botox, going as far as to say that it saved his career. He’s very thankful for this compound, and we’re sure his fans are as well.

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