Reviews - Beauty Fix MedSpa – (212) 366-4787

Laura Cristofalo

I recently had two eclipse micropen treatments as Beauty Fix Med Spa and I am so happy with the results! My skin looks amazing and people are noticing. Even after my first treatment people were telling me that I looked so refreshed or that my skin was glowing. I highly recommend this treatment if you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, or the size of your pores, or if you have any acne scars. For me it was all three, and now I wake up in the morning and my skin is completely transformed! No more hiding blotches with makeup, it’s incredible! The staff at Beauty Fix Med Spa is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly, they will quickly make you feel at ease with any procedure you choose. I was a bit nervous for my first procedure, Sahaja took her time explaining to me what I should expect and we talked and even laughed a bit while she was working on me. It was a bit painful, not too much and definitely worth it considering the results! My face was a bit red for a day or two, just looked like a sunburn, but by day three I could see the results and every day after that my skin looked better and better. Highly recommend Beauty Fix Med Spa! Love this place!


Sonia T.

I have been a licensed esthetician since 2005, working in the luxury cosmetics industry for 15+ years, and I highly recommend Beauty Fix in Flatiron. A lot of people believe you need to see your dermatologist for professional procedures but I disagree. Derm’s pricing is exhorbitant and if you are a discerning person, with great taste, and know what you want for yourself, you will be great coming to Beauty Fix, regardless if you are a skincare debutante or an aficionado. Tiko, the manager, is the Eastern European professional beauty that you dream of dealing with. No nonsense. Sahaja speaks only truth–both of them letting you know what you need, and with a professional eye that doesn’t seem like criticism. “What’s happening over here? Perhaps this needs a lift.” They will guide you in the right direction. When you’ve seen as many faces as they have over their combined years of expertise, it’s easy for them to “size up” your concerns and gently let you know what you need and what the value is. I have received at least four different treatments there since they opened and find their services superior. Mainly by appointment, but since I live in the neighborhood, I stop by when I can to book my next appointment / chat in person. The most excellent dream team that I would be proud to work with (since I work in the industry!). PS. The owner, Mark, has an amazing heart for people and is an unsurpassed ambassador of health and beauty. When you speak to him, it is obvious that he lives it out holistically–gym, nutrition, etc.


Adelin N.

I’ve been going to Beauty Fix for treatments since they first opened about two-years ago and I must say I could not be happier. I’ve received a wide array of treatments from chemical peels to laser hair removal, to my new favorite, microneedling. Thus far I’ve had great results with all my treatments. I started with the chemical peels to get rid of acne marks I had on my back, and along with microdermabrasion treatments, my back has not been this clear in ages, and most importantly, I no longer get breakouts which were the true source of the problem.When it comes to the laser hair removal, I now have over 95% hair reduction. I initially was only doing full Brazilian, arms, underarms, and upper lip (yes I am very hairy lol), but ever since they got their new, much faster, and may I say, much less painful laser hair removal machine, I decided to do the rest of my body and boy am I glad I did. Within the first treatment I saw a remarkable difference. I cannot wait to finish my treatment to finally be hair free for good and at this pace, I am sure I will not need as many treatments as with some of the older laser hair removal machine.