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PRP Facial

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment otherwise known as the PRP facial. The PRP treatment is a fabulous non surgical alternative to a facelift with rejuvenating results that last.

PRP facials can help your skin heal itself and boosts collagen. People have reported that their skin feels radiant and tight again.”

Of course the term ‘PRP Facial’ has been coined as a headline grabber when in the fact the science behind the new procedure is both in-depth and impressive.

What is the science behind a PRP treatment?

In simple terms the positive anti-ageing activity of your blood comes from the platelets. These platelets contain an anti-clotting property that enable cells to adhere to each other when an injury occurs. Once the blood is taken from you it is put into a machine that separates the active anti-clotting element to be injected into the skin. The needle creates the ‘injury’ by puncturing the skin and the platelets go about the business of building a platform of clot. The result is a series of growth actions leading to new blood vessel formation, cell and collagen growth and tissue repair. Once this miraculous series of growth factors are activated the resulting skin condition smooths lines, restores glow and tightens skin condition.


The Facts About PRP

Why choose PRP?

Longer lasting than other non surgical treatments
Using your blood eliminates adverse reaction
• Promotes local tissue growth and repair
• Non invasive
• An affordable treatment that really works

How is the procedure performed?

Our Doctors consults with you about the procedure & decides on its suitability. A treatment plan and appointment are made for you
On arrival at the clinic the skin on the area to be treated is cleaned and a topical anesthetic applied for maximum comfort during the PRP treatment. and 10ml of your blood is taken.
You wait while the Dr puts your blood into a machine called a centrifuge, which will extract the platelet rich plasma.
Finally the extraction is injected into the area to be treated with many fine insertions. The injections take only 5 minutes to carry out.
After your treatment the area should be kept clean for 24 hours to prevent infection