1. Can I Use A Friend’s Fat For Brazilian Butt Lift?

Unfortunately you can only use your own fat. Even if you used fat from another person, your own body would not recognize it and it would be destroyed. If you do not have enough fat on your body that can be used for transfer to the buttocks, then a buttocks implant would be the better option for you, or even to gain a bit more weight. Even if you used fat from another person, your own body would not recognize it and it would be destroyed.

2. How Long Do Results Last?

Brazilian Butt Lift, when performed through fat transfer or by a gluteal implant is long lasting unless you drastically gain or lose weight.

3. When Will I See The Final Results?

You will notice the results right away, from your enhanced bum to the reduced contours of where the liposuction was performed (if you had fat transfer). There is minor swelling so keep in mind that some of the volume will decrease. Once the swelling subsides and the fat settles in you will see the final result of your fat transfer to the buttocks.

4. Can I Sit After The Surgery?

You need to wait a few weeks in order to sit directly on the buttocks for long periods of time. You will be shown by your plastic surgeon how to properly sit and lay on your side.

5. How Do I Maintain My Butt Lift Results?

Try to keep a healthy lifestyle as much as you can. This means keeping your weight stable, so you do not gain or lose too much body fat. Just because the fat is transplanted, doesn’t mean it will not act like every other fat in the body. If you lose weight, you may lose weight from the buttocks area.

6. Can I Exercise After Surgery?

You do not need to worry about losing your buttocks fat if you hit the gym! BeautyFix Plastic Surgeons are skilled at locating and then extracting fat cells that are most ‘stubborn’. Many physicians refer to these stubborn fat cells as having ‘institutional memory’, and can be found in the thighs, stomach, or lower back areas. When injected into your buttocks, these fat cells will continue to act as if they are in their originating position and continue to stay strong and refuse to break down even if you go to the gym. Therefore there is no risk of reversing your Brazilian butt lift if you exercise. In fact, we promote healthy lifestyles and diets to all of our clients.