How Does AccuTite Work?

AccuTite technology is similar to inMode’s BodyTite and FaceTite treatment but is specially designed to treat smaller, more precise areas of fat.

With precision targeting and proven performance, RFAL (radio-frequency assisted lipolysis) works to remodel adipose tissue via pinpointed fat coagulation under the skin’s surface achieving firmer, tighter contours.

What Is The Downtime?

Downtime after AccuTite is relatively minimal, with majority of patients only needing 3-4 days before returning to their day-to-day schedule. Those that have a more labor-intensive job may require a full week of rest until they can return. Overall, it takes 1-2 weeks for patients to resume their daily schedule.

What Are The Side Effects?

Mild to moderate swelling and redness are expected and will subside on their own within a week. There have been reports of injection site infection, mild numbness and bruising.

How Much Does AccuTite Cost?

Pricing on AccuTite vary, taking into consideration the facilities you are visiting and the areas to be treated.

What Can I Expect?

Prior to all treatments, clients are scheduled for a free consultation. This initial visit helps us assess your current issues and get an iea of your ideal results. This is also an opportunity to address any concerns or questions that you may have.

Treatment Day

Local anesthesia will be administered for numbing to help minimize any discomfort that may be experienced throughout the procedure. Prior to starting the treatment, the selected areas will be mapped out for guidance of device.

The AccuTite treatment is a quick procedure that can be completed in as little as 15 minutes or less, depending on the number of target areas.

Once numb, a fine probe is inserted beneath the surface into the fatty layers of skin through a tiny incision. Utilizing proprietary RF-energy concentration technology, saggy, fatty tissue are targeted without affecting the surrounding areas. This three-dimensional remodeling results in skin tightening, firming and collagen rebuilding, leaving you with smooth, youthful skin.

When Will I See Results?

AccuTite has been proven to show immediate results, as continued improvement will become more visible 3-8 weeks, post treatment.