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Whether Urinary Incontinence and vaginal laxity is a result of menopause, the natural aging process or childbirth, these issues can cause extreme discomfort in addition to improper function of the bladder. SUI, also known as stress urinary incontinence, is a condition in which the bladder leaks urine during exertion or physical activity. For many years, women have been hard at work in attempts to kegel their way back to normalcy, but these mild movements only deliver minimal results, or, in some case, cause more harm than good if improperly performed. EMSella is the first FDA-cleared device of its kind that has been proven to treat vaginal laxity and SUI in women. The EMSella chair offers deep penetration to the targeted tissues of the pelvic floor, stimulating the pelvic muscles through a high-intensity electromagnetic field. This further activates motor neurons in the pelvic floor to build up muscle strength and restore support of the pelvic organs.

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Benefits of EMSella:

The EMSella chair offers multiple benefits for SUI and vaginal laxity such as:

  • non-invasive/non-surgical
  • strengthened pelvic floor
  • improved support for pelvic organs
  • tightened vaginal walls
  • decreased urinary urge & incontinence
  • increased sexual satisfaction
  • comfortable, quick treatment while fully clothed

How Does EMSella Work?

The EMSella chair offers a quick, non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that uses an electromagnetic field to initiate 11,200 contractions in as little as 28 minutes. In this short amount of time, the EMSella chair will imitate 11,200 kegels all in one comfortable session. By doing so, the activated motor neurons work to strengthen the pelvic floor and aid in improving pelvic organ support. In as little as three weeks, you can see a 95% improvement in SUI and vaginal laxity when treated correctly.

What Can I Expect From EMSella?

Before any EMSella treatment, all potential patients are directed to meet with our specialists for their consultation. While this treatment can help improve SUI and vaginal laxity dramatically, not all women are ideal candidates. Once you are considered for the EMSella treatment, our specialists will work with you to create your very own, customized treatment plan.

The EMSella chair delivers 11,200 contractions in a short, 28-minute treatment all while fully clothed. This non-invasive treatment uses electromagnetic technology to penetrate targeted tissues found in the pelvic floor to help stimulate the muscles, restoring support and muscle strength for pelvic organs. This improvement will help dramatically decrease urinary urge and incontinence and increase sexual satisfaction.

When Will I See Results?

Some women have reported seeing immediate results, however, it is important to remember that results vary from patient to patient. For optimal results, it is recommended to undergo a full cycle of treatments, which is 6 sessions in total.

How Many EMSella Treatments Will I Need?

To achieve optimal results from EMSella, we strongly recommended undergoing a full treatment cycle which is 2 treatments per week for three weeks, totaling 6 sessions overall. Follow up treatments are encouraged once a year for routine upkeep.